Today is the day! Eisenhorn: XENOS has officially launched! You can purchase the PC version on Steam and the iOS version off the App Store (links below). We have a special promotion going on until August 16th. Take advantage of it while you can! We hope you enjoy it!

To buy on Steam, click here.

To buy on the App Store, click here.


Game Features:

– Fully 3D exploration using agility, tech scanners, and psychic powers.
– A party system where the player can choose which characters to accompany them on missions. Different characters will enhance varying aspects of Eisenhorn’s skills.
– Unlock and utilise the Imperium’s most iconic weaponry.
– Fully voiced acted, with Mark Strong providing the voice for Eisenhorn.

DELUXE EDITION – The ultimate package!
– A digital copy of Eisenhorn: XENOS the game
– Game Soundtrack
– Digital Artbook (Available September)
– Special Eisenhorn: XENOS prequel comic created by TPub (Available Late August)
– Digital copy of the novel ‘Xenos’ by Dan Abnett